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Residents of Ha’apai raised concern over human waste dumping site on the island

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,28/05/2018

The locals on the island of Ha’apai are requesting the Health Officials for an immediate assistance to address the problem towards the storage area for human waste dumping site in Fotua.

Radio Tonga Stringer on the island – Moimoi Fakahua says there is a need to ensure that the dumping site has enough space especially when they are about to host national events on the island.

He says, septic trucks and other equipment are needed in order to address the problem.

Fakahua says the celebration will start next month but there are concerns that if these matters are not addressed immediately, a disease outbreak may occur following these celebrations.

Meanwhile, Health Officials are departing today to the island to ensure water sanitation in preparation for the upcoming events and the issue raised by the locals will be part of the agenda.

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