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Kaufana Airport of ‘Eua temporarily closed down

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,29/05/2018

The development programs on the island of ‘Eua are affected because the airport has been temporarily closed down.

The Government Representative of the island – Sunia Havea says, the airport operations have been suspended for almost two months now.

This has caused delays on government officials’ meetings as well as church meetings because there is no flight to the island.

The Government Representative says the Tourism Sector is badly affected from this problem.

With the current situation, the locals rely heavily on sea transportation; however, there was no vessel on Saturday till yesterday.

Havea says, since there is no flight, the survey on the aftermath from Gita by representatives from EU and the Word Bank was only carried out for an hour.

He strongly urges the officials for immediate actions to solve the matter.

Last Month, the local airline said they had halted their operations to the island of ‘Eua because of the height of the trees located near the airport which is said to be very high.

The airline said, flights to the island are very risky and not safe for passengers and crews.

Contacts have been made to the Tonga Airport Limited for a comment regarding the matter but to no avail.

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