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Churches school to start the repair work soon

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,29/05/2018

The government has released the figures of how the $3.4 million pa’anga are divided among Churches school in Tonga. The funds are to assist these schools repair the damage sustained from Cyclone Gita.

The Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga Education schools will get $1,345,309 pa’anga.

The Anglican Church Education schools will get $26,504 pa’anga.

The Catholic Church Education System will get $999,910 pa’anga. Equippers Church School will get $303,022 pa’anga.

The Seven Day Adventist Church schools will get $ 533,235 pa’anga.

Tokaikolo Church to get $123,683 pa’anga. Mo’uifo’ou Fellowship will get $4,640 pa’anga.

Bahai Faith Education System will get $32,776 pa’anga. Free Church of Tonga will get 30,921 thousand pa’anga.

The repair work will be carried out by these schools under the supervision of the government to ensure that they will follow the building code.

Meanwhile the President of the Free Wesleyan Church Education Department Rev. Dr Mele’anga Puloka says a bank account has been set up for this assistance and ways on how to use it, will be reported to the government.

She adds Queen Salote College sustained major damage to its classrooms and due to many problems faced by the students after the cyclone, the church allocated some money for the repair work while waiting for the government’s assistance.

Some of these works are expected to be completed in the coming months.

Rev. Dr Puloka says some students were using tents but it’s getting hotter and sometimes flooded with water when there is heavy rain.

She says they were informed that schools with less than $200,000 will be fixed using the money donated by the government and the ones with more than $200, 000 damage will be fixed through the assistance from the World Bank, later this year.

She says, the repair works that they have been carried out to their schools were done in a proper way with strict supervision to ensure that they follow the building code.

A total of $ 4.7 million pa’anga was allocated by the government to the Education Sector. It consists of 1.3 million pa’anga for government schools and 3.4 million for churches school.

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