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Automated Bakery Plant set up in Tongatapu

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,30/05/2018

A family dream, three generations in the making, came to fruition for the Cowley family this morning, with the A. Cowley and Sons bakery opening the first Bakery Plant here in the Kingdom.

Francis Cowley told Radio Tonga News this morning, this was his grandfather’s dream to establish a bakery plant which would enable the company to produce higher quality loaves for the people of Tonga.

Utilizing this bakery plant would lower the risk of human error that commonly occurs with having to conduct the work manually, which is also safer for the staff.

The A. Cowley and Sons Bakery makes approximately 18,000 loaves of bread in a day and has been operating in Tonga since 1893.

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