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Close to 400 people requested help from the Tobacco toll free line

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,30/05/2018

Close to 400 people have contacted the Tobacco toll free line requesting help on ways to quit smoking.

Tobacco Cessation Officer – Solomone Latu says since the beginning of the Tobacco Campaign in 2016 hundreds have been contacting 0800333 for help.

They’ve been requesting for tips on how to quit after learning about its negative impacts from the health promotion program broadcast on Radio and Television.

The callers were sharing their experiences as smokers and concerns regarding the negative impacts of smoking.

Meanwhile, the Tobacco Control Officer – Le’omolotu Havea says, he had a meeting today with some of the Church leaders asking for their assistance and to support the ban of smoking at the church halls.

World Tobacco day will be commemorated tomorrow, May 31st.

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