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Collaboration needed to achieve Tonga Strategic Development Framework

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,30/05/2018

CEO of Agriculture has called for a more collaboration between related stakeholders in order for Tonga to achieve the third outcome of the Tonga Strategic Development Framework 2015-2025.

Dr. Viliami Manu said, Tonga could achieve a more inclusive sustainable and empowering human development with gender equality if cooperation efforts are to be made.

CEO made the statement yesterday during the country gender assessment of agriculture and rural sector.

The assessment aimed at improving the awareness of gender perspective of rural livelihoods.

To empower women and men equally and contribute to the gender policy. For us, it means to acknowledge. We need to be more aware on the roles and skills and constrains they face when we develop policies and deliver services. It means allocated resources … 05 37

Dr. Viliami Manu added, the study was timely following the devastation from TC Gita.

He said, the Government could better develop effective strategies to support food security, nutrition and resilience.

The country gender assessment will provide information, for a better awareness and understanding of the roles of women and men in rural area.

It include changes in the roles of migration of family members, changes in the environment due to natural disasters. This will help define the needs of men and women to improve their livelihoods.

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