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King hopes for speedy action to assist the victims of Gita as the winter season approaches Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,31/05/2018

His Majesty King Tupou VI officially opened the Legislative Assembly of Tonga for the 2018/2019 Parliamentary Session, this morning, at the Tonga National Cultural Centre in Tofoa.

The King first and foremost thanked the Heavenly Father for this guidance and protection that has enabled everyone to attend to event.

He acknowledged the presence of the Speaker of Parliament, Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers, Noble’s representatives and the People’s Representatives to Parliament.

His Majesty said, it’s been months following the devastation from Gita and people are in need of assistance.

The King hopes for a rapid action to help the people because the winter season is approaching Tonga.

King Tupou VI said people are affected socially, emotionally and mentally.

The Royal Address included, the significance for the Legislative Assembly and the Government to abide by the Law because the riot in Nuku’alofa years ago, witnessed businesses burned and many lives lost and the King said that is the result of breaking the Law which badly affected the Peace in the Nation.

His Majesty said, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment, including the land and the ocean for the next generation and the future.

The King said, wise actions are not practiced on the environment now, then there won’t be any fruitful hope for the future and the next generations.

He added, due to the negative impacts from TC Gita, the Legislative Assembly of Tonga had to relocate and use temporarily the Tonga National Center.

The new location is facing the Ministry of Health and Vaiola Hospital it is also close to the newest hall in town –  Tailulu College’s Falemasiva Hall.

These two sectors are committed to two very significant issues namely the healthy living and lifestyle and better education for all.

His Majesty also highlighted that one of the biggest National Challenge Tonga is facing, is the impact of drugs on lives of children, families, the country and the future.

The cost of damage can not be estimated or valued.

His Majesty said, some countries are very strict with their punishment on illegal drug operations including the capital punishment.

King Tupou VI said, the leaders and representatives should ensure that there are employment opportunities available for the young generations locally and internationally.

His Majesty said, there’s a need for Tonga to achieve International level in the Education Sector locally so Tonga can be able to cater for the needs of the students.

Once the students have successfully completed with their studies, they remain in Tonga to help develop the nation.

His Majesty said the previous years the National Framework is only for short period but it should be longer and extended for years.

The King said, it will help if the leader, the national plan and vision are in the same platform.

King Tupou VI acknowledged the love and sacrifice from the Tongan people from overseas countries with the assistance during Tonga’s recovery process.

He also thanked the foreign countries and International Agencies for their assistance towards Tonga and its development programs.

His Majesty concluded with wishing the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga a great Parliamentary Session with discussions to help the nation and the outcome should glorify the Heavenly Father.

Following the Royal Address from the Throne, His Majesty returned to the Royal Palace in Nuku’alofa.

Meanwhile the Speaker of Parliament – Lord Fakafanua named six  MPs to deliver the reply to the Address from the Throne, they are, Lord Tu’i’afitu , Lord Nuku, Poasi Tei, Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa, Vatau Hui and ‘Akosita Lavulavu.

As usual Secondary schools marched down on Taufa’ahau Road and the Royal Palace to honor the address from the throne.

However, only four secondary schools marched this year namely ‘Api Fo’ou College, Tupou College Toloa, Queen Salote College and Tonga High School.

The rest of the schools showed their respect by standing beside the Taufa’ahau Road from the Royal Palace all the way to the Tonga National Center.

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