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Lord Fakafanua and Hon. Semisi Sika to deliver the reply to the Royal Address from the throne

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,5/06/2018

Parliament’s deliberations for the 2018/2019 session proceeded this morning with the first agenda – the report from the Select Committee on the reply to the King’s Address chaired by Lord Tu’i’afitu .

During this morning’s deliberations the Minister of Education and Training – Penisimani Fifita emphasized that the reply to His Majesty’s Royal Address should be grammatically accurate  to be in line with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum.

The two Niua’s representative to Parliament – Vatau Hui seconded the Minister’s recommendation.

Tongatapu 3 people’s representative – Siaosi Sovaleni said, the sixth paragraph on the reply to the Royal Address should include financial support to the government’s bodies that are dealing directly with the fight against drugs in Tonga.

It was supported by the People’s Representative of ‘Eua – Tevita Lavemaau and the Noble’s representative of the two Niuas – Lord Fusitu’a.

The Minister of Finance and National Planning – Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa said, the government noted the issue and actions have been made by the Ministries of Justice, Police, Prison, Ministry of Health and the Non – Government Organizations.

Minister of Police – Mateni Tapueluelu noted the operation on the fight against drugs in Tonga is everyone’s responsibility including the Government and the Churches as well.

When the report was put to vote it was unanimously approved by the house.

Speaker – also named two MPs to deliver the reply from the Throne, Ha’apai’s number two noble’s representative to Parliament – Lord Fakafanua and Tongatapu number two people’s representative – Semisi Sika.

The House has been adjourned until further notice.

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