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Tonga’s Met Office to verify tornado reported in Fua’amotu

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,5/06/2018

A local man has claimed a tornado, occurred in the village of Fua’amotu yesterday evening, causing damage to his property.

Hea Tu’ivai from Fua’amotu says he was away from home at the time of the incident – between 6:30-7pm, but his family who were home described the incident as loud and frightening.

The apparent tornado lifted a trampoline out front of the Tu’ivai residence, to over 100 meters away.

It also caused damage to the neighbor’s house which had also been damaged in Cyclone Gita.

However the Tonga Meteorological Office in Fua’amotu, says there was no tornado occurrence forecasted and they have no official record of this incident but they are looking into this report.

This is the 2nd tornado-like incident to have been reported this year, the first occurring during Cyclone Keni which damaged the ‘Eua Hospital.

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