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Tonga marks this week as the Environment Week

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,6/06/2018

This week in Tonga is marked as the Environment week with actions to protect the environment from harmful challenges.

Chief Environmentalist says this year’s theme is “Healthy Ocean” with initiatives to beat plastic pollution in Tonga.

Mafile’o Masi says, the prediction for the future there will be more plastic pollution in the ocean than the sea organisms.

Tonga has been taking steps to avoid using plastic materials since 2014 with the new tax of plastic water bottles.

Masi says this year they have noticed changes in the environment compared to the past.

The ocean and coastal areas were cleaner than with less pollution.

Today, Environmentalists also note a sea level rise in Tonga especially in the coastal and low lying areas.

Masi says with Tonga’s conditions, it is vital for the general public to cooperate to withstand the environmental challenges caused by natural disasters and human activities.

Wise actions are required such as re-plantation especially mangroves.

Fifth of June every year is celebrated as Environment day urging mankind to make wise steps to protect the environment now and also the future.

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