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GPS Havelu and Tofoa wore pink to support healthy living and lifestyle

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,6/06/2018

Teachers and students of GSP Havelu and Tofoa highlighted the significance of healthy living and lifestyle this morning with the “Movement and Fitness” program.

Students and teachers even wore pink clothes and the school was also decorated with pink materials.

Class three teacher – Fakafeta’i Taumalolo says this week’s program aims at encouraging the students to be more active and to practice healthy lifestyle  everyday at school.

This week’s program includes a 30 minute exercise after school.

Today, the Tobacco Control Officer – Le’omolotu Havea visited GPS Havelu and Tofoa and led the zumba training exercise for students and teachers.

Close to 700 students are studying at GPS Havelu and Tofoa.

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