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Cancellation of Flights to ‘Eua caused Redundancy at Real Tonga Airlines

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,7/06/2018

Nearly two months of no domestic flights to the island of ‘Eua has cost Real Tonga a loss of about one hundred thousand pa’anga.

CEO – Tevita Palu says, they are facing many challenges because the issue at Kaufana airport has not been addressed causing domestic flights to be cancelled  for almost two months now.

Due to financial losses , Real Tonga is looking at means of easing the problems, including redundancy as  it can no longer afford some of its staff.

He adds, disruptions in flights to Ha’apai and  the Niuas airstrips were identified as deteriorating conditions of the runway and other areas.

Discussions have been made with the officials regarding the issue with no actions being taken yet.

Radio Tonga this morning contacted Tonga Airport Limited and the Ministry of Infrastructure for comments regarding the matter but to no avail.

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