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Miss Galaxy Pageant to mark its Silver Jubilee next month

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,7/06/2018

The Miss Galaxy Pageant will mark its 25th anniversary in Tonga next month.

The executive director of the Tonga Leiti Association and the director of the Miss Galaxy pageant – Joey Mataele says, it is important for the public to accept people for who they are without any discrimination.

This pageant has benefited a lot of our members. Not only our members but also straight youths who have benefited from the scholarships that has been given out by Miss Galaxy. This year we are very fortunate to have given out the 62nd scholarships that has been given out by the money we get from the Miss Galaxy and just to mark the work that has been done by the Tonga Leitis Association. It benefits a lot of our members in encouraging them to start their own business and some of them have had the chance to move overseas and build a life for their own.

He also explains the program that will be hosted for the competition.

This year – we will be starting on the 6th of July as the registration for the whole week for the following week. On the 8th – which is a Sunday will be a church service and a luncheon for all the contestants and on the 10th – which is a Tuesday will be a feast. Her Royal Highness Princess Salote Mafile’o Pilolevu Tuita has agreed to be the guest of honor and on the 11th will be the HIV quarterly test and also the HIV awareness training.

Mataele also hopes the people will help support the leitis contribution to the development of the country.

My encouragement to my LGBT community here in Tongan is believe in yourself. Believe that you were born here for a purpose. You guys are not a curse because that’s what we hear every time. And no, you are not a curse to the family. You were born here for a reason. Be strong and believe that you were born here for a purpose. And for the parents, embrace your children who are born like that.  They shouldn’t be ashamed because it’s a gift. They were gifts from God and if they embrace their children who are born like that, I’m sure that person will bring them joy to their lives.

Part of the program for this month includes netball sporting activities to help promote healthy lifestyle of the LGBT community.

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