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Livestock Division of MAFFF continue chick distribution program today with the Eastern District

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,7/06/2018

The livestock division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry continued their chick distribution program this morning with the Women’s Development Groups from the Lapaha, Vaini, and Tatakamotonga districts.


The Livestock Division hoped to distribute approximately 1thousand chicks for these three districts with 40 women each from Lapaha and Tatakamotonga, and 20 women from Vaini each receiving ten chicks to raise.


‘Oketi Mailau from the Ministry Agriculture says, the program is a Ministry initiative for the women development groups around Tongatapu.


She adds the program is aimed at being a means to provide food for these women and their families.


One of the women taking part in this program, is Sofaia Metui from the Kamo-Koula Women’s Development group from Nukuleka, who expressed her appreciation for this assistance the ministry has provided.


She added that this would greatly benefit the women in her development group in their efforts to provide for their family.


The chicks are imported from New Zealand and are kept at the Livestock Division in Tokomololo for two weeks where the livestock division workers care for the chicks.


Hale Kalokalo from the division says this is to ensure there are no problems with the chicks when they are given to the women from the villages, making it easier for them to raise healthy chickens.


When the women receive the chicks, it will take approximately six more weeks before the chickens can be prepared for consumption.


This program will continue tomorrow to distribute another one thousand chicks with the Kolomotu’a, Kolofo’ou, Nukunuku-Houma, and Hihifo districts.

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