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The Government Primary School of Kolomotu’a received assistance from Liahona High School this morning.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa,8/06/2018

Form Four teacher at Liahona High School – Patisepa Uhi says, they are delighted to help out with the schools.

She also describes the assistance that were distributed.

“As teachers of the LDS church schools, we all share the same purpose. And so we like to see how we can reach out to other schools and help them. In ministering to other schools, we have teachers in about 19 different primary schools in Tonga including the two government high schools – Tonga High School and Tonga College ‘Atele and so basically just going out to all the schools and see what we can help.”

Close to 400 students are studying at GPS Kolomotu’a.

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