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Maori Prince make donation to Tongatapu villages

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,11/06/2018

Five villages in Tongatapu were fortunate during the weekend to receive assistance from the Maori Prince – Te Ariki Tamaroa Whatumoana Paki and his family in NZ. The donated items were for those that were affected from Cyclone Gita earlier this year.

During the program Prince Whatumoana spoke of the assistance.

On my last trip to Tonga, I arrived just after Cyclone Gita had been through, and witness first-hand the devastation that was left behind. In returning home, the horrific impact of the cyclone keeps playing on my mind. I was lifted with an overwhelming urge to find a way that we could support the people of Tonga as it begins to rebuild their lives. King of Tonga has taught my people the importance of caring for those who are in need. It is this principle that inspires a call to our people to collectively come together and compile a range of essentials to help our brothers and sisters here in Tonga. I think back to the stories of old and our historical connections through my ancestors’ late princess Tahuia and the Late Queen Salote. It is through those determinations of these courageous and overwhelming to build upon the strength of a wide Pacific family that enables us to stand together, strong reaffirm us to understand that when we suffer we shall not suffer alone.

The program started with a prayer service at the Kaitangi ‘a ‘Ofa residence with the presence of Lord Vaea where he thanked Prince Whatumoana and his family for the very kind assistance.

The gifts that you have brought Ngauahia, NZ and present it to Ui mei Pulotu, this is a presentation for those who are not here, for those who are here and the generations to come. Today marks a very special occasion, an occasion that you experienced when you came last you saw the devastation we experience in TC Gita, A TC Gita 5, we usually get Cat 1 and 2, but 4 and 5 has become consistent is the past couple of years. It’s a long way for us to recover but your presence here and your speech has encouraged us.

The items donated include bags of flour, sugar, towel, and buckets amongst many others – and was distributed to residents in Ha’atafu, ‘Ahau, Houma, Manuka and Talafo’ou.

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