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Royal Agricultural Show to kick off in Ha’apai next Saturday

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,11/06/2018

The head of the Agricultural department on Ha’apai islands has confirmed that islanders have double up every preparation made for this year’s upcoming triple celebrations on the island.

Toutai Vaea says every preparation made for the Royal Agriculture Show is ready and they’re looking forward to display the fruits of their hands next Saturday, June 23rd.

He says, a lot have expressed their interests in the competition arranged for the Royal Agricultural show and they are expecting a really good outcome.

Vaea adds, the Ministry will provide boats to transport all local produce from smaller islands to Pangai Ha’apai.

The head of the Agricultural department says the food supplies were badly affected on the island when Cyclone Ian made landfall in Ha’apai four years ago but at the moment, they are in a very satisfactory condition.

Vaea says it has been confirmed that everyone on the islands is ready for these upcoming celebrations.

These celebrations include the Royal Agricultural Show, Free Wesleyan Church Annual Conference and His Majesty’s Royal Birthday.

A village inspection will be carried out this Friday as part of their preparation for these upcoming events.

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