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Distribution of chainsaws to assist clearing fallen trees from Cyclone

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,13/06/2018

Chainsaws donated from China to the Ministry of Agriculture, Foods, Forestry and Fisheries, will help the ministry in clearing fallen trees from Cyclone Gita.

The chainsaws were distributed yesterday to the ministry’s district offices, for the locals use in clearing away the fallen trees on their properties.

The CEO for MAFF – Dr Viliami Manu – says the ministry’s work in clearing away the trees felled from the cyclone has been very slow due to limited resources.

The Ministry’s concerns following the cyclone was that with all the debris, there was a higher chance for an infestation of Coconut rhinoceros beetles, which could cause significant damage to the agriculture sector in the country.

However, with the distribution of these chainsaws, the ministry hopes the locals who are skilled in using them would be able to utilise the chainsaws for the trees on their property.

Manu says, the locals need to be skilled in the use of a chainsaw before they are lent these tools.

This is to ensure minimal chances of injury occurring when using the chainsaws.

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