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Ministry of Labour donated a computer to Langafonua ‘a Fafine Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,14/06/2018


The Langafonua ‘a Fafine Tonga Association is expecting their handicrafts business will be boosted with the assistance of a computer donated from the Ministry of Labour yesterday.

The CEO of the ministry – Edgar Cocker presented the donation to the former president of the Association – Lady Tuna Aleamotu’a, and members of the Langafonua ‘a Fafine Tonga Association.

This computer is already fully fitted to assist the Association’s business with book keeping and inventory software already installed.

The donation was made through the Ministry of Labor’s – Tonga Made promotion, which supports local products and businesses.

The Head of Business Development Support Division – Tevita Lautaha says they are working to identify the gaps and weaknesses in the local businesses which hinder their progress, and from there they work together to fill these gaps and empower the businesses.

When working with the Langafonua, they realized their handicraft business was lacking sufficient technology to boost the business operations. Lautaha says they then decided that a computer will be the best donation they can make to assist the Langafonua. A training on how to use the computer will be carried out later.

The computer is estimated at TOP$4,300.

There are approximately 100 handicraft makers who are in collaboration with the Langafonua ‘a Fafine Tonga for the sale of their handicrafts.

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