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Tongatapu’s Royal Agricultural Show to be held at the Popua Park

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,14/06/2018

The Hon. Minister of Agriculture – Semisi Fakahau has confirmed that Tongatapu’s Royal Agricultural Show will be held at the Popua Park.

Works are underway to install water and electricity at the Park as part of the preparation for the Royal Agricultural Show.

The Show will be on the 27th and the 28th of July.

Tongatapu’s Show was usually at the Funga Manamo’ui Ground in ‘Atele.

Meanwhile, there are 160 competitions for this year’s Royal Agricultural Show including the pre- judging events and the field events.

There are new competitions for this year including the inspection of chicken coops and vegetable gardens.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture says, the new event is to promote the local growers who were fortunate to receive chicks and seedlings following the devastation from TC Gita.

The pre- judging events include, inspections of the most outstanding tax allotment, plantation, tapas making and others.

There are 101 competitions in the second category for the field events including the inspection of the finest mats and tapas.

One of the newly competitions for this year includes a competition to promote young chefs at Tertiary Schools food preparation competition.

Meantime, the people of Ha’apai are super excited to welcome the arrival of Their Majesties for the triple celebrations on the island.

Ha’apai’s Royal Agricultural Show will be next Saturday.

On the 30th of this month, His Majesty will tour around the islands of Ha’apai to witness the progress of the Special Management Areas – SMAs to be followed with a Royal luncheon in Felemea.

The theme for this year’s Royal Agricultural Show is the Tongan proverb – “Kina ‘Umu tali ki tahi” which defines as a good hope for something despite uncertainty of the circumstances.

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