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Government Primary School of Ngele’ia hosts Numeracy Week to inspire students’ interest in Mathematics lesson

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,15/06/2018

Teachers of Ngele’ia Government Primary School believe that conducting special programs promoting the Mathematics lesson is the key to inspiring their students to take interest in this lesson.

The school this week hosted a Numeracy Week, with many different programs all aimed at highlighting not only how important numeracy is to the students, but also how much fun this lesson can be.

A class 3 teacher at the school – Sela Sunia says they had conducted a survey with the student, which showed a decreasing trend in the number of students who enjoyed or were interested in the Mathematics subject.

The school then decided to do something to change this statistic, which is how they came up with the idea for a numeracy week.

The Numeracy Week concluded today with a maths competition for each level, with the students also performing a special song about Mathematics.

The parents and the teachers of these students all agree that this special week will spark an interest for the lesson.

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