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DPM supports Constituency Dialogue with locals

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,15/06/2018

The Deputy Prime Minister has emphasized the importance for the public to work collaboratively with the spirit of unity during the Constituency Dialogue.

The discussions during the Dialogue will address national issues such as durgs and social issues that’s affecting the people’s lives.

Hon. Sika says, the dialogue is an opportunity for the people of Tongatapu Constituency number two to raise their concerns and to make suggestions on ways to improve the standard of living.

He says, their voices should be heard and their suggestions will pave way for a better Tonga.

Deputy Prime Minister says, Tonga is coping with many challenges including the abuse of social media.

However he adds, Tonga is moving towards the Modern world and Technology is a great tool for communication but once its abused it then becomes a problem.

He also says, the issue can be solved if the people use the Internet and Technology appropriately.

Meanwhile, on the issue of drugs, DPM says that the Ministry of Police, Customs and Immigration are working tirelessly to identify people illegally importing drugs to Tonga.

These issues he says, need to be resolved and the only was forward is to work together and not to blame others.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the board of directors of Tonga Broadcasting Commission – Leonaitasi Hoponoa says the constituency dialogue will address the social issues faced by the country towards building a more peaceful Tonga.

Tonga Broadcasting Commission is hosting the Constituency Dialogue for Tongatapu Constituency number Two tonight at Havelu.

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