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The Association of the Filipino community in Tonga celebrated the 120th anniversary of independence last week.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,18/06/2018

The president of the Association – Annie Sanchez says, it is important to celebrate this event because it is a way to preserve their culture.

It’s important to know your roots and to always know the history of your culture especially like us we were colonized for over 300 years and it’s important to celebrate how our ancestors fought for this independence so we’re just giving them the respect and the recognition that they deserve for all those hardships that they encountered in the past. So that’s why we’re celebrating our independence day here

She also talks about the program that they hosted.

Our program consists of mostly reporting. We’re going to discuss the emergency management and also the new procedure on visa renewal here in Tonga – those are the two most critical things we’ll be discussing tonight.

Meanwhile, they sang their national anthem to mark the occasion.

The consul from the Philippines is expected to arrive in Tonga next month to work on their visa and other immigration requirements.

June 12th 1898 is the Philippines Independence Day.

There are about 50 Filipinos in Tonga.

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