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Parliamentarians raised concern over poverty in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,19/06/2018

Parliament Whole House Committee continues their deliberation this morning with parliamentarians voicing their concern about poverty in Tonga.

Lord Nuku emphasized the importance to allocate some money to assist unfortunate children in the country.

Poverty was one of the key issues discussed during the deliberation last night.

Lord Nuku also raised his concerns to double check that fact reported on the budget saying that 78 per cent of the women in Tonga are victims of domestic violence.

He says it is important to confirm this figure because it is very high and if it’s true than works are needed to be done to address this issue.

Other issues raised during this morning’s deliberation include the fact that a lot of Ministries are ordering vehicles towards the end of the financial year just to make use of their left over budget.

Part of the discussions at the Whole House Committee this afternoon were on the figures at the Budget Estimates and the amount allocated for new vacant positions and returning scholars.

Other issues were discussed before the house was adjourned to be continued at 9pm.

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