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Abandoned homes use for alleged illegal activities

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,20/06/2018

The people in Fasi moe Afi ‘a Tungi Central District are concerned with young teenagers illegally occupying abandoned homes.

The concerns included students consuming alcohol and drugs at these places.

The town officer of the Central District says, a mother reported that she saw students at the age of 13 occupying these homes during day time and also in the evening.

Other concerns were for the safety of the children studying at the Government Primary School because some of these abandoned homes are within this area.

The town officer, Police Officers and parents are working collaboratively to address these issues in order to have a safer community.

Meanwhile, the town officer and the locals of Fasi mo e Afi are working hand in hand to remove the trouble makers especially those who do not belong to their community.

The people of Fasi residing overseas strongly support the initiative.

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