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Masked robbers in Vava’u remain at large, having locals fear for their safety

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,20/06/2018

There are many locals, particularly the women, in Vava’u, who are living in fear for their safety as police are yet to capture masked robbers who have been breaking into many homes on the island.

The acting superintendent of the Neiafu Police Station – Taniela ‘Unga confirmed to Radio Tonga News they have received multiple complaints about these incidents occurring in recent days.

At the same time, a mother who wished to remain anonymous expressed her concerns regarding this issue saying many mothers fear for their family and children’s safety when they hear about these crimes happening in their neighborhoods.

She had noticed her young daughter was taking extra precaution every evening to ensure the doors and windows in their home were locked and secure and although she believed it was a good thing that her daughter taking was precautions, she did not want her children living in fear in their own home.

A 73 year old grandmother, Losaline Vea whose house is close to the bush area in Leimatu’a says she is deeply concerned for the security of her home as they are in the least populated area of the village.

She said in her youth there were no incidents like these where masked robbers – or ninjas, as the locals have labeled them, would so frequently break into homes with no fear for the law and the consequences. She blames these incidents on the influence of drugs and alcohol on the youth and warned that this needs to be addressed soon or these incidents will continue to occur.

However, the Police in Vava’u have confirmed there have been no arrests so far but they are investigating this matter.

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