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Cows roaming around the towns in Vava’u is still a problem

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,21/06/2018

The locals of Vava’u are still experiencing problems from cows’ roaming around in the urban area.

Town Officer of Neiafu – Vava Lapota says more than 15 homes sustained minor damage due to the cows’ roaming around the town area ruining the beauty of the environment and also the growers’ plantations.

The issue has been a problem not only in the capital but also in the rural areas.

Concerns are also for the safety of the drivers and pedestrians travelling at night time.

The issue started three months ago and one local slaughtered the cows as a way to solve the issue but on Tuesday this week, the cows reappeared causing problems and chaos again.

Locals are complaining because they have been working hard through the year to protect their plantations but it takes just a day for these cows to ruin their hard work.

The problem does not end there but the smell of the cows’ faeces  is also an issue in the downtown area.

Lapota adds Neiafu has established a council to manage the situation and find workable solution as soon as possible.

Suggestions included allocating a specific place to build a fence so that every cow that will be caught in these areas will be kept in this fence.

Town officer of Neiafu says, if these cows are to be returned to the owner, a specific amount of money will have to be paid to the council.

Some people had already slaughtered cows because they cannot withstand the damage they’ve caused to the communities.

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