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King stressed the importance to always be prepared to withstand natural disasters

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,25/06/2018

Hundreds of locals gathered at the Lea’aetohi Ground in Pangai last Saturday to witness the opening of Tonga’s Royal Agricultural Show with Ha’apai taking the lead this year.

Their Majesties – King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau’u graced the event with their presence.

As usual, King Tupou VI officially opened the event with the Royal Address from the Throne.

The King first and foremost praised the God Almighty for his Guidance and Protection that has enabled the people of Ha’apai to be part of this auspicious event.

He acknowledged the presence of the Nobles, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament, Governor of Ha’apai and Vava’u and everyone who attended the event at the Lea’aetohi Ground.

The King said he was overwhelmed to witness the collaboration effort the people of Ha’apai have made for the Agricultural Show and the preparations for other functions that Ha’apai would be hosted in the upcoming days.

He added, Tonga has passed its cyclone season but that should not stopped the locals from being prepared for any natural disaster.

He urged the people of Ha’apai to support the international theme of food and agriculture to lessen the challenges posed by climate change and natural disasters and to support the recovery of agriculture, livestock, fisheries, forestry and natural resources.

There’s a phrase known as “Preparedness” and His Majesty said everyone should be prepared to withstand the impacts of climate change.

He said with Tonga’s support towards international issues especially Food and Agriculture it would truly help the country to cope with the challenges posed by the climate change.

It will also help with the rapid recovery after a disaster strikes in areas of agriculture, animal, fisheries, forestry and natural resources.

His Majesty said, the theme for this year ” Kina ‘Umu tali ki tahi”, highlights a great hope for Ha’apai with its natural resources such as the ocean , the handicraft makers and fishermen’s catch.

The King stressed his full support for the Ministry of Fisheries’ Special Management Areas – SMAs project with the purpose to protect the marine organisms.

He said pearls’ farming was a great income for the people of Ha’apai with hope that it would continue in the future.

King Tupou VI thanked the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, the fishermen, handicraft makers and the local businesses for all their hard work for the day.

He also said outstanding outcome was always a fruit of hard work with a generous heart.

King Tupou VI urged the people of Ha’apai to always have good spirit on the island because that is the only pathway to achieve great opportunities and a Prosperous Ha’apai.

He concluded with his warm regards to the locals.

The reply to the Royal Address was delivered by Ha’apai’s Noble Representative to Parliament – Lord Tu’iha’angana expressing the people’s gratitude for the Royal Address from the Throne.

He added the people of Ha’apai are always prepared to cope with the negative impacts of natural disasters.

Tu’iha’anganga said the people were recovering well from tropical cyclone Ian that devastated the island in 2014.

After the formalities, Their Majesties inspected the local’s finest product and the fruits of their hard labour.

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