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New logo for Tonga Communication Corporation

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,27/06/2018

The Minister of Public Enterprises – Dr Saia Piukala yesterday launched Tonga Communication Corporation’s new logo.

Hon. Minister said this new logo it’s a combination of the color of the rainbows and it symbolizes unity.

With the new logo, TCC hopes to provide better service that is affordable, and accessible to all the people of Tonga

The Chairman of the ICT board of directors – Tapu Panuve elaborates more of the initiative.

“The colors of the rainbow which you’ll see in the logo are our hope to unify all of Tonga in the colors that will be presented to you today,” he said.

Meanwhile, the CEO of TCC – Timote Katoanga says this new logo has been the result of a worldwide logo-design competition that was held recently.

“We’re all here today to witness the launch of the new TCC logo but it was not an easy decision to replace the existing logo. We had to ask the reviewing questions when extending the new logo: who we are, our customers, what we do, what environment we are working in, and what sector we are involved in. Does the logo portray our forward-looking company? After considering all these questions, we decided it is time to design a new logo,” he said.

Attending the program were Japan’s ambassador to Tonga – H.E. Tetsuya Ishii, Deputy Prime Minister – Hon. Semisi Sika and invited guests.

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