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New Zealand and Tonga agree on $8m NZD projects

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,27/06/2018

New Zealand and Tonga have agreed on development projects worth NZD $8m to support education, justice and policy reform in the Kingdom.

In a press statement from the NZ High Commissioner’s office in Nuku’alofa, it says New Zealand has identified that strengthening education, justice systems, and public sector management through policy reform, are the key priorities for Tonga.

The New Zealand High Commissioner Her Excellency Tiffany Babington and the Minister of Finance Dr Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa signed three agreements for NZD$8 m to support these projects.

The first project is a $3 million dollars for Tonga Education Support activity and it will be for two years.

New Zealand will partner with the Tonga Ministry of Education to raise the professional capability of teachers and principals.

The second project is a $3 m dollar for Tonga Justice Sector Support Programme to improve Tonga access to a fair and effective justice system and strengthen rule of law. This project will be for three years.

The Programme will support short-term funding for a Tongan Supreme Court Judge, workforce planning, capability building and information management for the Supreme and Magistrates’ Courts, and the establishment of the Youth Diversion Scheme.

H.E Babington also handed over a Grant Contribution of $2 m dollars in general budget support to assist the Government of Tonga progress policy reform measures through strengthened public finance management, public service delivery, and fiscal resilience.

The High Commissioner said, New Zealand would continue to contribute to Tonga’s economic and social well-being and support its stability, resilience and good governance.

Dr Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa thanked New Zealand for their continuous support to achieve Tonga’s priorities.

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