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King emphasizes the significant to improve the standard of education with qualified teachers

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,29/06/2018

His Majesty King Tupou VI officially opened the 95th annual General Conference of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga at the Memorial Church of George Tupou I in Pangai Ha’apai.

The Royal Address emphasized the significance of Quality Education because that is the only way to tackle poverty.

The King first thanked the Almighty God for His Guidance that has enabled everyone to attend the 95th Conference at the Memorial Church of George Tupou I in Pangai Ha’apai.

He said, in the past every family was endorsed with a special duty for their generation to fulfill.

The King’s family’s call was made by the George Tupou I and his grandchildren are trying to achieve his vision.

His Majesty said Education was the only way that could tackle poverty.

The King said, Tupou College recently established international program to provide students with better quality of Education even though it was already made possible 150 years ago.

King Tupou VI said, the Late King George Tupou V in one of his royal address said that the Church would face many challenges from Democratic Government.

This has been witnessed in Christian countries such as the United States of America, Fiji and Samoa.

His Majesty also expressed his hope that the standard of Education in the Church’s schools be elevated  to  higher levels to match with  International standards of education.

He added in order for the Church to achieve this goal, qualified teachers at international levels should be sought and obtained.

The King also said, the church should establish an Education Qualification Board to manage all the schools and their curriculum.

He said this should be the pathway to accomplishing this mission during the preparations for the lead up to the second centenary celebration of the arrival of Christianity in Tonga.

The reply to the Royal Address was conducted by the Governor of Ha’apai – Rev Dr Mohenoa Puloka.

During last night’s program, the King also appointed the President of the FWC following the election yesterday.

Rev Dr ‘Ahio remains as the President for another year and so as the Secretary General – Rev Dr Tevita Koloa’ia Havea.

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