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Residents of Ha’atafu support the idea of the Miss Heilala 2018

 Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,2/07/2018

The people of the village of Ha’atafu have shown their support for the Miss Heilala Pageant 2018 to contribute to the further development of the country.

The women of the village were at the Fua’amotu International Airport on Saturday evening to welcome one of the Miss Heilala contestants, Luana Fifita who is representing Miss Bou’s Fashion in this year’s pageant.

One of the women at the airport, Mele Lutolofi says they were happy to be there to support Fifita as she is from Ha’atafu, which shows how the people of Ha’atafu are working together supporting their people.

There are many visitors from abroad who are visiting the Kingdom for various celebrations currently underway in the country as well as the Miss Heilala Pageant.

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