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Vava’u upgrade project reached more than 30 per cent of completion

 Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,3/07/2018

Tonga Power Limited’s upgrade project in Vava’u has reached 34 per cent of completion.

The Operation Manager – Setitaia Chen says the main objective of the project is to improve the rural and per-urban low voltage network in villages to provide safe, efficient and reliable electricity distribution networks to all houses.

Similar program was carried out in Tongatapu, ‘Eua and Ha’apai which has helped to improve the resilience of the network to withstand extreme weather conditions such as cyclones and reduce line faults.

Chen adds the project was proven a success in ‘Eua following the devastation from TC Gita with much less damage recorded at the power lines.

About 20 linesmen are caring out this work on the island.

The project is funded by the Asian Development Bank – ADB worth about US $5.7 m or approximately more than $10m pa’anga.

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