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People of Niuafo’ou are calling on government for assistance to develop infrastructure on the island

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,5/07/2018

People on the island of Niuafo’ou are calling on government for assistance to help improve infrastructure on the island.

The government representative, Falati Papani, says they are hoping for an assistance to help repair the roads, the wharf and to construct a cement runway at the airport on the island.

Papani says the islanders have been facing a lot of problems in these areas for many decades.

He says the repair work to the roads started in 2016 but once they ran out of cements’ stock, the repair works have to be postponed.

The government representative says one of the problems they face on the island is not having improved equipment and machines like excavator to assist them in their roads maintenance works.

He adds most of these repair works on the island are done by the people using their hands.

Meanwhile, the airport on the island is also a concern because there is no cement runway for planes.

Falati Papani says, when it rains it means there is no flight because the plane cannot land nor take off from the airport.

He says the wharf is also a concern because it is not safe for passengers to arrive and to disembark.

Contacts have been made to the Ministry of Infrastructure for further clarification on their plan for the island but to no avails.

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