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Pre-pageant interview form 12 contestants vying for the Miss Galaxy title

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,6/07/2018

The first judging event for the 12 contestants vying for the Miss Galaxy title this year kicked off this morning with the pre pageant interview.

The interview questions were based on different issues such as climate change, Cyber Bullying and HIV Aids.

During the interview many of the contestants expressed the importance of collaboration to address climate change issues and break the barriers in all walks of life in order to achieve a better nation.

This year’s Galaxy program not only marks Silver Jubilee of the Miss Galaxy in Tonga but it also marks the Tonga Leiti’s Association, whom they are in service in the country for 26 years.

Present at this morning’s program was the first ever Miss Galaxy – Viena Siale whom she’s known to many as Vivienne Charlie or Kuini Kaute Kula.

Vivienne says, she was crowned as the first Miss Galaxy in 1993 when she was 19 years old.

She also expressed how happy she is to be back and witness contestants which it should be commented because they still have the courage to compete despite many challenges.

Vivienne urges the contestants about the importance of hard working; strive to the best and to never give up despite the challenges.

Also attending this morning’s program was the reigning Miss Galaxy – Temple Tonga and many supporters of the contestants.

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