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Newly Crowned Miss Heilala joined the pageant because of her passion for Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,9/07/2018

The newly crowned Miss Heilala Kalo Funganitao has emphasized the importance for Tongans to support each other in every way they can, to achieve a better nation.

Funganitao says the most important thing people should do is to support girls who are courageous to run for the Miss Heilala every year

Kalo Funganitao – Miss Heilala 2018-2019

0015   I feel like this is still a dream. I am really happy not for winning it. It’s not about me. It’s about the people whose hard work and efforts went into this – my family, Appraxus, all of my friends who have send me their love, and everyone else who were paying for this as well. This crown isn’t just what someone looks like or how well they do on any given night because there’s so many things that could happen on one night. Rather, when I went into this I wanted to do it because I didn’t see enough girls who had the passion for Tonga and could actually put their words into action and it’s something I want to do in New Zealand. Always remember you have to keep God in the forefront of everything you do. 0126

She also emphasized the importance for people to be careful with what they say because it might be very harmful to others.

Kalo Funganitao – Miss Heilala 2018-2019

0136   One of the most important things I learn while doing this was that Tongans should be supporting each other. There’s already enough people out there saying negative things about us. To see the way Tongans were talking about and reacting to my fellow pageant sisters and myself included. It’s not that it makes me angry or disappointed. It should be the opposite. We should be the first ones to champion our girls and champion all of our Tongan people in whatever they decide to do. Be very careful about what you say because it does have an impact on someone and also support each other. Love your neighbor as yourself and especially if that person is a Tongan and you’re a Tongan yourself.  0246

Kalo Funganitao was crowned as the Miss heilala 2018-2019 last Friday and she will be Tonga’s contestant for the Miss Pacific Islands which will be held in Tongatapu in November.

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