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Group from Wallis and Futuna are in Nuku’alofa to visit their grandfather’s grave

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,11/07/2018

The island of ‘Eua draws many tourists every year but this week a group from Wallis and Futuna visited the island to see their grandfather’s grave and to meet his decedents.


This group of more than 20 included some who live in New Caledonia were in ‘Eua to clean up and mark his grave site on this island.


Their grandfather was Uvean Setefano Ikamui who was also known with the title Sia kumi ki he lotu of Pelehake.


During an exclusive interview with his grand-daughter Tu’ihihifo Setefano, she says they are here to remember the legacy of their late grandfather.


“Even though I came from America, I saw a lot of things easy to get around the money house are perfect. But you know what, I would never forget Tonga and where I came from, I came from a poor family, poor country and I would never forget that. That is why I came back here to research for my grandpa and three years ago, I came here for a funeral and I cannot believe when I came here for the first time and I don’t know my grandfather to be honest with you but you know what, this is the man that brought me up, for today to be proud of me now, without my grandfather I am not going to be around this world. So I wish there’s an opportunity that I can see you so the only thing I can show my appreciation is make this place look nice,” she said.


Setefano’s relatives from Wallis and Futuna also sing a song composed about family to mark this monumental visit to Tonga.


They will return to Wallis and Futuna while some to New Caledonia on Friday.

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