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King Tupou VI calls on the people of Vava’u to be prepared for the United Arab Emirates Expo 2020

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,13/07/2018

Their Majesties – King Tupou VI and Queen Nanasipau’u were at the Niponi Ground in Neiafu this morning to officially open the island’s Royal Agricultural Show.

King Tupou VI delivered the Royal address from the Throne to mark the auspicious event.

His Majesty first and foremost thanked the God Almighty for this guidance which has enabled everyone to attend the Royal Agricultural Show.

The King acknowledged the presence of the Governors of Vava’u and Ha’apai, nobles, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, and Members of the Clergy and everyone at the Niponi Ground.

His Majesty also acknowledged the leadership of the Governor and his cooperation with the people to clean up the Neiafu to a more beautiful and cleaner environment.

King Tupou VI said the initiative showed the collaboration effort between the people in trying to keep their sites outstanding.

His Majesty urged the need to empower the youth to have a sense of belonging and become more responsible to help their own families and to develop the nation.

A significant area, His Majesty emphasized this morning was Education.

The King said, Education is a pathway that could open many opportunities to end poverty.

King Tupou VI said the United Arab Emirates would host an expo for the world and invitations have been distributed to different countries including Tonga.

His Majesty said the key factor of this Expo is for the invited countries to showcase their unique products, the idea behind the uniqueness of such item and a possible market to establish.

The King said, Tonga could get very fine products, a very small in size but its cost could be high.

For instance, King Tupou VI said, the vanilla plants found in Tonga are needed worldwide.

Tonga’s fresh fish and sea cucumber are also famous not only to the markets in China but other foreign countries as well.

This morning, the King urged the people of Vava’u  to start creating unique products to be displayed at the 2020 Expo.

Such preparations, he said could take seven to eight months in order to be successful and great preparation should be carried out effectively.

His Majesty said the Ministry of Fisheries continues with its program to develop the marine organisms found in the waters and also their Special Management Areas. – SMAs projects.

The King mentioned that the farming of seaweed project and pearls led by the Fisheries has helped businesses and families financially.

King Tupou VI thanked the hard work carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the women’s handicraft development projects and the fishermen.

He concluded his speech by wishing everyone a productive day with a friendly reminder for the people of Vava’u not to fail the 2020 Expo.

The reply to the Royal Address was conducted by Rev. Lord Tu’i’afitu and said, the people of Vava’u were speechless and indeed blessed with the message from the Royal Address.

Lord Tu’I’afitu continued by wishing for many blessings to be bestowed upon HM and the members of the Royal family.

Following the reply to the royal Address, His Majesty and Queen Nanasipau’u took a royal tour to inspect the stalls prepared by the people of Vava’u for the event.

Hundreds gathered at the Niponi ground this morning to witness Their Majesties gracing the island’s Royal Agricultural show with their presence.

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