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Planting Mangroves to continue on the Western Side of Tongatapu

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,18/07/2018

A team from the Department of Environment visited the Western Side of Tongatapu yesterday to see the sites that have been identifies for the next stage of Mangrove planting.

The project is being coordinated by Climate Change Division of the Ministry of MEIDECC with funding from the GIZ, a development agency in Germany

A Mangroves Specialist Hoifua ‘Aholahi from the Department of Environment says four mangrove nurseries will be placed in Ha’avakatolo, Kolovai and ‘Ahau and the work is expected to start this year.

Two Nurseries will be in ‘Ahau and one each for Kolovai and Ha’avakatolo.

Mangrove forests are extremely important because it helps stabilizes the coastline and prevents erosion from waves and storms.

Meanwhile, mangroves in Te’ekiu and Nukunuku waterfronts were growing well in the area.

Department of Environment says, the Te’ekiu area had recorded major soil erosion in the past 10 years but planting mangroves has helped to stop the sea water from reaching the land area.

‘Aholahi said, the community in Te’ekiu involved in planting mangroves in the area because they concerned about soil erosion.

He said the Nukunuku mangroves were planted more than 20 years ago and have grown well.

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