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New Computer Software to be used by Statistics Department

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,18/07/2018

Department Statistics is hosting a two week workshop in partnership with government ministries who dealt with data collection aiming to enhance their knowledge in these areas.

The workshop provides opportunities for participants to learn more about two new computer software, CS-PRO and STATA for analyzing of data.

The government statistician – Dr Viliami Fifita says, the department is using a new tool for data collection to improve their services.

The Ministry of Health, Education and Training, Lands and Survey and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries are collecting their own data aiming to cater for the needs of the public.

Fifita hopes that by the end of this workshop, they will be able to improve their work and not to repeat the same mistake made in the previous years.

He adds, in the past they only used Microsoft Excel for data analysis and data collection but this year they have installed a new software for a better, faster and more reliable data collection – STATA.

The STATA software can indicate to the user if the information collected is accurate or false.Dr. Fifita also highlights the importance of collecting accurate information from the public for a better data to improve the people’s lives.

Similar training will be hosted next month in Nuku’alofa for small area estimation.

This training is funded by the Pacific Community – SPC.

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