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King calls for a doctor and a nurse to work at the new hospital in Niuatoputapu

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,18/07/2018

Hundreds of people gathered at the Matangimalie Ground in Niuatoputapu this afternoon when His Majesty King Tupou VI officially opened the island’s Royal Agricultural Show.

The Show is an event where Their Majesties -the King and Queen travel all the way to the Northern islands to meet their people and to inspect their finest produce and products.

As usual, the King delivered the address from the Throne to officially open the show.

The King first thanked the God Almighty for His protection that has enabled everyone to attend the event.

His Majesty said, everything on the island was satisfactory including the islanders.

King Tupou VI highlighted the theme for this year’s Royal Agricultural Show – “Kina ‘Umu Tali Ki Tahi” with the meaning a good hope for the future despite the uncertainty of the situation.

The King said the theme means the hope for development on the island was based on the islanders.

His Majesty said the theme was not new to the people of Niuatoputapu because of its distance from Nuku’alofa and the people have been working to shape development in these key areas.

The main focus area, he said was to ensure a high level of food security for all the families.

The King reminded the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to continue with this training for locals on ways to preserve fish from the ocean and also food for a longer period.

His Majesty also acknowledged that the new hospital is near completion but there is a need to assign a doctor and a nurse to assist the people on the island.

King Tupou VI said that in times of emergencies His Armed Forces is always ready to provide assistance but it is vital to have a doctor and a nurse to work at the hospital.

His Majesty said he is always happy when he is on the island to witness the hard work of the people.

He thanked the related stakeholders for their cooperation with hope that it would continue in the future to improve the standard of living and earn more income for each family.

He concluded by wishing everyone at the program a productive day.

The reply to the Address from the Throne was conducted by the Two Niua’s Representative to Parliament – Vatau Hui.

He said, the people were happy with the messages from the throne in terms of trying to improve the standard of living through the agricultural sector, fisheries and handicraft.

Hui also noted the need to have a doctor and a nurse to help the islanders.

This afternoon’s program included the Royal Inspections of stalls at the Matangimalie Ground and Entertainment from the students of Niuatoputapu High School.

Attending the program were the Minister of Agriculture, Governor of Vava’u and many people.

Meanwhile, the people of Niuafo’ou are gearing up to welcome their Majesties for their Royal Agricultural Show to be held tomorrow.

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