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President of PEJN to share the Pacific newsrooms’ readiness for climate change in a Global News Conference

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,19/07/2018

The President of the Pacific Environment Journalists Network Iliesa Tora has been invited to speak on whether the Pacific Newsrooms are ready for climate change. The theme of the conference is “News in Digital Age”.

The Global News Forum organised by Asiavision will be in Vietnam next week and Tora is amongst those from the Pacific Media to attend the forum.

Iliesa Tora has been working in media Industry in Tonga for years and recently he has joined the Department of Environment as a Communication Officer.

“It’s a challenging topic to speak on but I hope that I can share two major parts focusing on the physical challenges that we faced because of climate change and then the challenges that we faced within the newsroom that would affect our reporting on climate change on how we can develop that from our own resources and the different dimension of the newsrooms that we have in the Pacific, bearing in mind that we have different media companies, different sizes of newsrooms private, business owned or partly government-owned. There are different aspects to the newsrooms and different challenges but I hope that I will be able to present something overall that Pacific voice can be heard when I go to the conference,” he said.

Tora also elaborates on the benefits of being part of this Global news conference.

First of all it’s about networking them to see our news, to hear our perspectives and to see how we can build on that and how we can network with others out there who might be able to come into the region  and help. I know Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union is active in the region with some of the Broadcasting companies and Asia vision is involved with four companies in Fiji, Samoa and PNG and I hope here in Tonga we can be part of it too and it always important to have network to build on this and move it forward,” he said.

The Pacific Environment Journalists Network is a group of Pacific journalists formed and they are focusing on stories about environmental issues in the region.

PEJN was officially launched in Nuku’alofa during the 5th Pacific Media Summit in May.

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