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A cornet performer showcases his talents in Tongatapu

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,19/07/2018

One of the best cornet performer in the world – Herman Van-hoorne, age 31 from Belgium is currently in Tonga to perform his talent in different schools in the country.

Herman is visiting Tonga along with the Auckland Band Instrument Managing Director – Andrew Leech as well as the Marketing Manager of ABI to the Pacific – Paula Taufa.

Andrew Leech elaborates more on their visit to the Kingdom.

Andrew Leech

We’ve brought Herman Vanhoorne out from Belgium. He was visiting New Zealand and while he was there, we thought it would be fantastic to bring him out here to Tonga to work with some of the kids. We’ve visited several of the schools so far. We’ve got a concert with him featuring a lot of the schools and the combined Defense Force and the Police Band as well where he’s going to be playing several solos. He’s very modest but he’s basically the best cornet player in the world and it’s an honor to be able to bring him out here to work with the schools and to share some of his amazing music,” he said.

Herman says, he is impressed because there are many brass bands in the country compared to a small nation.

Herman started performing at age of seven and had faced so many challenges over the years but nothing discourages him from pursuing further in this area.

“Well, many challenges, to begin with, when I started off playing in the brass band, I started playing with the saxophone. As you can see, I’m kind of short so the Principal at my musical school didn’t want to give me a saxophone but she just gave me a little cornet and I was quite disappointed at that and I started to love the instrument. That was the first challenge. Every musician has their own challenges dealing with the difficult pieces and that’s everyday challenge. With the children here, they conquer all those challenges and if they keep on doing what they’re doing, they can be a bit like me – travelling the world, and see all these different cultures all over the world. And the beautiful thing about music especially about brass banding is wherever you go in the world, we speak the language of music and we all get along whatever culture, whatever background we all have,” he said.

Vanhoorne also encourages the students to believe in themselves.

“Never give up in your dream because it is a hard way to get to where I am now, but if you really want it, just keep on practicing. Keep doing whatever you do in the brass bands and keep believing it will happen because if you believe, it will happen,” he said.

Herman has visited many schools in Tongatapu including Queen Salote College, St. Andrews high school, Tailulu College and Tonga High School.

His final performance will be tomorrow at a concert to be held at Queen Salote Hall along with the brass band from His Majesty’s Armed Forces, brass band from the Ministry of Police and different high schools’ brass bands.

Herman and members from the Auckland Band Instrument will leave Tongatapu on Saturday.

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