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King emphasizes the need to construct an airport and a wharf in Niuafo’ou

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,19/07/2018

His Majesty – King Tupou VI officially opened Niuafo’ou’s Royal Agricultural Show at the Latufuipeka Ground.

Attending the event was Her Majesty – Queen Nanasipau’u, nobles, guests and many people.

This year, the King highlighted the key issues that are needed to be addressed immediately to ensure the safety of the people living on the island.

Part of His Majesty address from the throne was in the Niuafo’ou Language

After, acknowledging God’s guidance for enabling everyone to attend the event, he said, one of the basic needs of the people of the two Niuas is to improve their knowledge on ways to preserve fish from the ocean.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries conducted various training for locals to learn more about the ways to preserve fish through the use of smoke and other methods.

The King said, that the two Niuas were still waiting for the Ministry of Fisheries for its assistance to install an ice machine to help the locals to preserve their meats.

His Majesty also acknowledged the finest mats made by women from the handicraft sector and Niuafo’ou’s products are very popular and it has been a source of income for some families.

The island has been fortunate to receive assistance such as installing new solar panels and water tanks.

However, the King expressed his concerns about the current standard of the wharf and the airport on the island.

He said, the people living on the island cannot predict when or where a disaster will strikes and with the current situation of the wharf and the airport, it has worsen the situation on the island.

His Majesty thanked His people for taking part in the program to showcase their produce and products.

The King hoped that the collaboration among the people of Niuafo’ou and related stakeholders would continue in the future to build development and a stronger nation.

The reply to the Royal address was conducted by the Minister of Agriculture – Semisi Fakahau.

He said, the island of Niuafo’ou urgently needed a safer new wharf and he had discussed the issue with the two Niua’s representative to Parliament.

Fakahau said that the most suitable country to assist Niuafo’ou to construct their wharf is Japan.

Government Officials are expected to prepare the paper works and pitch the idea for assistance.

After the formalities, entertainment was performed by the students of Niuafo’ou High School.

His Majesty then presented the awards to the winners of this Year’s Royal Agricultural Show.

While on the island, His Majesty also commissioned new solar panels in ‘Esia.

More than 400 people are residing on the island.

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