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President of PEJN urges media organizations to cover more climate change stories

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,20/07/2018

The President of the Pacific Environment Journalists Network PEJN has urged Pacific Media to continue and raise more awareness on climate change and environmental issues to make sure that the public are more resilient to these challenges.

Iliesa Tora says there are challenges in the Pacific newsrooms which limit their abilities to cover climate change stories but this work is still vital.

He says these challenges include lack of funding, shortage of staff, lack of understanding when it comes to technical terms and others.

The media plays an important roles, we have to be upfront, we have to be out there and raising these issues with people so that they are aware of not only climate change and environment issues are, the effect that it will have on them and at the same time what they can do to be resilient to be sustainable in the face of all these challenges. Department. We have to raise awareness and to make positive decision,” he said.

Tora says works are needed to be done to assist media organizations in the region to enhance their knowledge and equipment to be able to deal with climate change.

I see in Tonga, reporters in the different media mostly politically aligned, we need to start talking about climate change and the environment and the issue, just let people more aware about it because this is something that affect us, if not now in the future, if we are not careful in protecting the environment and climate change,” Tora said.

The President of the PEJN says the Network will seek assistance from climate change partners in the Pacific to further develop this area.

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