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Messages for the youths of Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,20/07/2018

The first Tongan woman to receive the Mother of the Year award in the Oakland, City of California, USA has strongly emphasizes the significance for the youths of Tonga to fear God, live humbly and to never forget their roots.

Malia Lusia Saulala of Vaotu’u who won the award last year says, she has been working closely with the youths of Oakland for several years to improve their lives and protect them from making wrong decisions but most importantly is to become better person.

She said the same messages should be applied to the youths of Tonga to save their lives from the social challenges that happen daily.

There’s this old say, if there’s a will there’s a way and we always have that respectful, we also respect we are the only  and if we teach to our kids, they will be humble in their ways, I do this in every teaching I have, that make sure you respect and every the one little ones especially the elders and you start that if you see something that needed to pick up at church you do that because that shows that  is respect,” she said.

The 66 year old mother adds every home should be a platform to teach children about the significance of having evening prayers with the rest of the family members.

She also encourages children to read for a better education.

Malia Lusia also highlights that parents should take the lead on becoming a great role models for the children at home.

The mother of five is in the kingdom for a family functions. She has been staying in Oakland, California in 1975.

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