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Project Management Course for International Development launched this afternoon

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,23/07/2018

U.S Embassy Political and Economic Chief Helene Tuling launched the final two modules of the Project Management course conducted by the United States Agency for International Development’s at the USP Tonga Campus.

Ms Tuling says the course is significant for the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters.

“Today, I join you all in marking this wonderful milestone. With the skills that you have gained, you are now better equipped to design and manage projects that build the resilience of the Kingdom of Tonga and its communities. These skills are also critical for successfully managing current and future investments,” she said.

USP Tonga Campus Director – Dr Seu’ula Fonua says the initiative will enable students to gain more skills.

“The five-month course has enabled our students to gain the necessary skills to upgrade their project management skills and plan projects that I hope will enable our nation to better adapt to climate change and become more resilient as we move forward in dealing with the impacts of different changes and environment,” she said.

Meanwhile, the course coordinator – Ranju Kumar hopes this course will be useful to the participants in furthering their skills towards combating the negative impacts from climate change.

All these students should be in a better position to actually deliver this knowledge that they have learned into their respective workplaces.

Also, all the students will be able to graduate and walk away with the qualification which will be a Certificate for Project Management.

Through the Ready program,  USAID works with government partners and other stakeholders to draft and implement policies that will improve partner countries’ access to larger amounts of project funding from international donors in order to mitigate the impacts of natural disasters and strengthen the skills and systems within each country to better manage and monitor funded projects.

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