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Demand for Tongan squash in foreign markets increases

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,24/07/2018

The demand for squash in overseas markets have increased and squash growers in Tonga are working to meet the demand.

Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Program or PHAMA in a press statement says, growers in Tonga are renewing their interest in this area because the demand for this agricultural produce increases.

Squash grower and exporter Nishi Trading says they have more growers this year compared to last year.

Minoru Nishi Junior from the company says the market in China has requested for 1000 tonnes of squash for 2018 but they are looking at exporting 600 tonnes this year.

He says one the conditions that they are considering is to ensure a good price for the growers.

Minoru Nishi Junior says one of the challenges they face as a grower is the dry season and they must irrigate their squash plantations.

He also calls for more cooperation between related stakeholders for the sustainability of this sector because it’s a source of income for Tonga.

PHAMA has helped Nishi Trading including the need to meet China’s specified standards for their pack house among other technical works.

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