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HMAF appreciate opportunities for closer cooperation during RIMPAC

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,24/07/2018

Opportunities for closer cooperation with foreign navies such as the world’s largest naval exercise – RIMPAC, is important to His Majesty’s Armed Forces because it further develops its operational readiness and interoperability with the Multinational Military Partners.


Contingent Commander – Major Tau ‘Aholelei, commanding a 38 strong Tongan platoon to the Rim of the Pacific or RIMPAC Exercise, believes opportunities to cooperate and network with foreign navies is extremely beneficial to His Majesty’s Armed Forces in enhancing its relations with Multinational Military Partners in order to pursue common regional security interests.


At RIMPAC 2018 the Tongan platoon were stationed at the Pohakuloa Training Area where they worked together with troops from the 2nd Royal Australian Regiment of the Australian Army, 3rd Marine Regiment of the United States Marine Corps and contingent from the Japanese Self Defence Force.


Major ‘Aholelei says HMAF Troops had the opportunity to update and develop their military skills, exchange operational knowledge and experiences with foreign troops.


‘Aholelei added, the skills and knowledge acquired during RIMPAC will provide HMAF troops with an understanding of its multinational military partners’ capabilities and how they operate.


HMAF troops are then enabled to contribute effectively, working cohesively hand in hand with its multinational military partners in possible future complex operational environments (humanitarian and military) in the region.


The Tongan platoon had traveled to RIMPAC18 on the HMAS Adelaide from Tonga following its visit to Nuku’alofa on the Indo-Pacific Endeavour.


They spent more than 10 days aboard the ship where they also underwent some training with the Australian Army, before they joined RIMPAC18.


Despite the challenging nature of the Exercise and being away from home, the Tongan platoon still stayed true to Tongan traditions of prayer and worship.


The RIMPAC18 is concluding in Hawai’i and the Tongan platoon is preparing to return in early August aboard a New Zealand Air force aircraft.

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