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CAT Assessment for more than 2000 students in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa ,24/07/2018

More than 2000 form 5 students in Tonga sat their Common Assessment Task – CAT for the Tongan Subject this morning.


The CAT comprehension was broadcast live on Radio Tonga 1 to reach the outer islands.


A spokesperson from the Examination Unit of the Ministry of Education and Training says the CAT comprehension is conducted by a representative from the Ministry who reads the exam via the Radio.


This is part of the exams held prior to the national form 5 examination – Tonga School Certificate exam.


60 students from St Andrews College sat their CAT exam this morning.


Luseane Liuono from St Andrews College says the Tongan subject is important because it helps students to use the right words especially when it comes to traditional ceremonies.


Talasia Fanua also says it is important because it helps preserve the language for the future generations.


Meanwhile, Paea Lama from Tailulu College says she is happy to be part of the exam because it helps her connect with the history of the country.


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